Market time

The scale came… while I was outside picking green beans. So we had to go to the UPS depot at 7 PM to get it. But at least we got it.

Market day was very successful. I sold all the garlic by 10:30 AM. The red shallots sold out around the same time. There was not much interest at all in the grey shallots. I might not grow them again if I can’t manage to get them to size up better. However, right now I have plenty to replant in the fall and eat all winter, so maybe we’ll try them for one more year.

We sold a good number of onions as well. Next time I might cut the tops off, but I didn’t want to do that this time because they weren’t done curing. We have plenty left for canning.

No one seemed overly excited about the onion braids. They did, however, add a nice decorative touch to the booth.

Speaking of the booth… take a look at it.

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