Fall garden

I have had really variable luck with fall gardening.  I’ll attribute that to the fact that by the time midsummer rolls around, I’m just not as organized with planting, watering, and weeding as I am in the spring.

Last year we had probably the best fall garden ever, and it was still just a “win some, lose some” type of situation.  I learned 2 things last year:  1) If you’re going to plant cole crops in July, you need some kind of cabbage worm deterrent, and 2) There is a reason our local cooperative extension calendar does not suggest trying to grow fall peas.

Anyway, I planted beets, carrots, radishes, and some other greens today.   I’d like to at least get some more lettuce in the ground, then we’ll move the soaker hose so that hopefully the stuff can germinate.  With the weather we’ve been having, I’ll have to run the hose every day to get things to come up.  I’ll update later on what happens with these crops.  I think it’s a bit late to be planting some of them.

The acorn squash that was planted pretty late in June (or maybe even early in July.. like I said, once summer arrives I’m a lot less organized) looks beautiful.  It is setting fruit already and the borers are ignoring it for now (they are focused on eating the summer squash, which is fine with me.)

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