What we believe

Natural Mommy has inspired me to post a little about our belief system, related to farming. So here I go.

1. Being sustainable is good. As much as possible, we’ll try to produce what we need on our farm instead of buying it from outside sources.

2. We like biodiversity. While we’re getting started, some of our land might be rented out to a typical row crop farmer. But once I get around to farming it myself, there will be more diversity.

3. Animals are not people, but they should be taken care of with at least some degree of kindness. Any animals on our farm will be allowed to eat what nature intended, see the light of day, and will not be given artificial hormones, unnecessary antibiotics, etc.

4. Avoiding extra debt is good. So we’ll go slowly in starting new ventures, do things by hand at first, and make sure we’re making more money than we’re spending.


3 thoughts on “What we believe

  1. Joanna says:

    I think Jes is a little far away for you, Mrs. B, but Beth (The Natural Mommy) will just be a county and a half away… We’ll be not-so-far either, and hopefully you’ll teach us all about your farming practices.

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