I just figured out last fall that in my climate, spring carrots are far inferior to fall carrots.

I went out and dug some carrots today.

Of note about these carrots:

1. You CAN grow imperator-type carrots in clay soil, when there’s enough organic matter going on.

2. Unlike the nantes-types I’ve grown in the past, there’s no pulling these by the tops, not even after a soaking rain.  It’s the spading fork all the way else they break.

3. They handle being crowded better than some other types I’ve grown.  I only found a few that were spiraling around one another or forked.  I guess this is due to the really long straight shape.

4.  Either there were rocks or something in the soil, or else there were some off type seeds in the packet.  A few of these carrots looked like Thumbelinas.. definitely not like the others.

These were Mokums I think.  I haven’t pulled up any of the Little Fingers yet- it will be interesting to see how they compare.

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