Farmers, farmers everywhere

In the last 2 days, 2 farmers have shown up at my doorstep wanting to rent the big chunk-o-land. A third one is interested as well.

Should I engage in a bidding war, or pick the smallest farmer among the three? Or see if any of them grow non-GMO? Those are the three options I am considering. Other suggestions are welcome. I’ll still be keeping plenty of the land un-rented for my use.

2 thoughts on “Farmers, farmers everywhere

  1. Morganx says:

    The most idealistic solution is definitely the little guy / most earth-friendly farmer. If you want to be a bit more practical or need the money, see whether you can get the guy you most want to rent to to come a little closer to what the highest bidder offers. (The latter strategy did wonders for me last time I negotiated for auto insurance).

  2. burkefarm says:

    None of these guys seem to be any different from any others, really. My understanding of modern conventional farming is that it is very much by the book. If your soil test comes back such a way, you apply x amount of fertilizer. Then you plant variety y of soybeans/corn and apply z herbicides at n times.

    I just thought of another option. Tonight I am going to watch a video at the extension office about the organic certification process. Maybe I’ll find a farmer there who wants to rent my land.. that would be excellent. I’d even sign a multi-year lease in that case.

    The two farmers who came to my house are definitely pumped up about leasing the land. I guess when you have an area like this county that is almost all farmland, if you want more, you have to be on top of things. I’d think they’d be more excited about the 200 acres or so behind me that is probably going up for sale soon.

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