Cleaning out the old barn

Yesterday was decidedly spring-like, so I got out to do some spring cleaning in the old barn. The stated goal was to scoop out the poop that was in the loft. Once I had my cleaning goggles on, though, I found plenty of stuff to clean up. Being an old barn, I found lots of interesting stuff.

  • A tent. It may be fine. It looked like it just had a hole in the bag.
  • A mess kit. It didn’t look very rusty on the outside.
  • A paper cup from Noble Romans. It had degraded to something much more like a cloth cup.
  • A roll of tar paper, like for roofing.
  • A pile of white powder that I think is cement mix.
  • A wedge, like for splitting wood.
  • A bunch of random pieces of metal. Some were 1/8″ or 1/4″ thick, and looked like they’d come off of a tractor. One was the metal part of some hand cultivator. There was metal mesh, metal wire.
  • Doors. Lots of doors. Screen doors. Interior doors. Exterior doors.
  • A bathroom vanity.
  • An (apparently) unused (and never fully assembled, and still in its original box) shop light.
  • Scraps of lumber, including fragments of landscaping timbers, a pallet, an old livestock crate, some support beams, a shelf (still with brackets).
  • A fireplace broom. It matches a poker I’d found back when we moved in. I almost have a complete set now!
  • A used 4-cylinder head gasket.
  • A 9 inch section of gutter, with an S-shaped piece of downspout.
  • A weird ceramic thing. Someday, there will be pictures, if we don’t throw it out first.
  • An ugly old lawn chair. The kind with a metal frame and a plastic weave.
  • A pad for a chair. I think. It was shaped like and about the size of something you’d put between yourself and a chair. But it also resembled a sock in that it had two layers, and an opening where it stopped going up the back of the chair.
  • A pad for a deck chair.
  • A hand tool, or a portion thereof. It has a wood handle, and some metal stuff on one end. It looks like there’s a spring in there. And there’s a piece of twine wrapped around it. Was it a flail? Was it a baler?
  • A lever, like for opening the trunk of the car from the front seat, with the cable attached.
  • A metal funnel.
  • An tub for catching automotive oil.
  • An empty antifreeze bottle and an empty windshield washer bottle.
  • Lots of pieces of rubber tubing, some small, some large.
  • A 10 foot piece of 2″ or 3″ PVC pipe.
  • A bunch of twine tied to one of the rafters.
  • A large plastic barrel.
  • Some large plastic paint buckets.
  • An empty cool-whip container.

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