Seedlings, Publicity, Finance.

Many, many seedlings are out on the back deck getting some badly-needed fresh air.   Broccoli & onions are ready to go in the ground the second it’s ready.  Lettuce will be ready after spending a few more days out in the wind.  We have an amazing wind resource out here.. that’s a topic for another post.  The first group of tomato seedlings I started were looking very long in the tooth, so I potted them into bigger containers with more compost yesterday & gave them a little fish fertilizer.  Hopefully they’ll perk up soon.

Today I’m working on our first foray into advertising!  It’s a little scary designing an ad before the fields are plowed, but I know there will be no time to work on the ad AFTER the fields are plowed. We’re going to have a program ad with the Indiana Wind Symphony.  Their concert season and our selling season barely overlap- the ad will be in the last program of their season.  Hopefully this will be a good way to reach some people who have not heard about our farm yet.

I also did some more of the incorporation-related paperwork for Farming Engineers, LLC.  We now have an EIN, so I can open a bank account with the business name on it.  We already had a farm-designated bank account, but part of the reason for the LLC creation was to more clearly separate the farm assets from our personal assets.  I feel much more comfortable doing a greater volume of business when that designation is clear.

I don’t remember if I posted about this yet, but we have been officially accepted as a season-long vendor at the Carmel Farmer’s Market.  I’m very excited about spending every Saturday morning this summer at said market.  I have always enjoyed shopping AND selling produce there in the past. If you are in the area and have never been there, you should go. They seek to have a really diverse blend of products, and they succeed. You can usually get beef, chicken, elk, pork, goat cheese, popcorn, wine, and homemade soap in addition to your fruits and vegetables. Last year they had local chefs give talks on preparing different entrees, a variety of live music (some to my taste, some not), and of course the not-to-be-missed Vegetable Art contest! Hopefully I will have just as much enthusiasm for this market after spending an entire season there as a vendor.

3 thoughts on “Seedlings, Publicity, Finance.

  1. chris says:

    So what’s the name of the stall that I should tell all my Indy peeps to visit, B. Farm or Farming Engineers, or something else?

  2. burkefarm says:

    One of those two. I don’t know if the market organizer will have already painted the signs by the time we arrive. If they ask, I will ask for Farming Engineers, but in the past it’s been B. Farm so if they are already done the sign might say that.

    She also painted a little garlic bulb on the sign last year. So cute.

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