Good news

On Sunday, I visited the garlic.  First time I’d been there to see it in person, and it looks great.  It all came through the winter.

One can not say the same of the shallots.. there may be enough of them to save for planting, but there’s not enough to sell.  The seed was stinking up the house in the fall, so I can’t say I’m shocked.

And more good news.. right now, at this VERY moment, Farmer Y is driving his little red tractor through our property with tillage equipment of some kind behind it.  My ignorance level with regards to conventional farming is pretty high, so I can’t even tell you WHAT he is using on the field.  The anhydrous spray truck visited last week (don’t worry, it only visited the big field, not my 2 little organic fields!).  Anyway, he is towing two things behind the tractor and they look kind of like rakes. I know enough to be able to tell that they are not disks, and if they are plows, they look a bit different than other plows that I’ve seen lately.

It’s been interesting to watch all the local farmers at work over the last week.  Some of them put the anhydrous on when they plant, some of them do it before plowing.  One farm had big trucks out spreading lime a few weeks ago, but I haven’t seen anyone else spreading lime.  Some of them have mega-tractors and a semi trailer full of anhydrous sitting by the side of the road for refills and a big crew waiting to help them at all times.  Farmer Y appears to have two buddies in pickup trucks along with him today.  I don’t know what they are for, perhaps to help set up the tractor attachments, but I have yet to see anyone operating a tractor without at least two friends in pickup trucks waiting nearby.

Hopefully I’ll be too busy in the coming weeks to blog as often, but also hopefully we will take some good pictures so that you can see how things are progressing on the farm.  Only 1 month until the market starts!

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