Baby steps..

What is in:

broccoli plants

sugar and sweet peas


Some of the field peas



A bit under half the onion transplants (900 out of 2200 or so.. at least that’s how many seeds there were, I don’t really believe they ALL came up)

red clover in the walkway

What is next:

potatoes (today, I hope)

snow peas & the rest of the field peas

more onions


assorted cut flowers

carrots, maybe (I’m tempted to wait for fall)

seeding 1.5 acres of pasture

Once all that’s in, then I’ll start thinking about the warm weather stuff.  The tomato starts look great, the pepper starts are finally perking up, and the melon seedlings are warming my heart with their good looks.

It is difficult to plant all these things with an 18-month old.  I haven’t figured out a way to do transplanting with him nearby, so when Mr. B. is not around, it’s raking & seeding only.


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