More progress

Planted last week:  Potatoes, snow peas, the rest of the onion plants, herb seed, cut flower seed, carrots, beets, and a 1.5 acre pasture.

This week: Flowers, herb plants, and maybe some beans and corn.  Progress on the field peas is slow.. it’s rather a chore.  The wheat is up!

The rain is coming every 2-3 days.  It’s great for the seed, but I can’t work out in the field when it’s pure mud.  If conditions stay warm for more than three days in a row, maybe the tomatoes and potato seedlings will get to go out.

Earlier this spring I tripped on the stairs with a flat of lettuce seedlings.  They had to be put in the ground immediately thereafter to ensure their survival, and the field was not plowed at that time.  I ended up planting them in a bed I was making in the back yard.  They are starting to look edible.  If we have a few days of warm weather, I’ll have some lettuce for my early, pre-farmer’s market customers.   Next year I hope for this space in the back yard to be a strawberry patch!

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