The tomatoes made it into the ground yesterday.  They’d been languishing on the porch for a while, so I felt they deserved to finally be planted.

I messed up and ordered my sweet potatoes TWICE.  So I have twice as many as I’d planned.  Good thing the garden is big.   They are sitting in jars of water, waiting for the weekend when it’s supposed to actually hit 80.

Last night we planted a lot more field peas.  They are not all in, but they are hopefully 75% complete.  I have learned my lesson.. no more cover crops that you can’t broadcast spread until I have a tractor with a tow-behind seeder.  One row at a time with the plate seeder is very, very tedious. It is fine for a pound or three of corn or beans, but 50 lbs of field peas really does take forever!

I also put the melon flat outdoors.  I feel a little bad about this, because it’s 50 and rainy today, defying all forecasts to the contrary, but I’ll get them in the ground this weekend as well and then I’ll feel like they’re in their happy home.

It’s been a really cold, rainy May.  I’m okay with that.. it’s given me a chance to catch up!

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