This week’s fun

It rained a lot this week.

Most of the sweet potatoes made it into the ground yesterday, despite the best efforts of Baby B. to pull them all out as fast as they went in.  We were actually out there in the rain and were both very muddy.

I have some exceptional peonies for the market this week.  They have a bit of a stripe in them, and unless I’m imagining things, a bit of a minty aroma.

Today I harvested & bunched the first of the radishes.  They are a little on the small side, but still look good.  I’ve only grown really large radishes in the fall- sort of like carrots, I suppose.  They do better with the cool weather.  We HAD cool weather until recently!  Today it’s supposed to hit 90 for the first time.

Garlic fans note:  Big piles of garlic scapes are waiting for you.

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