The sweet smell of receding flood waters

If you’ve ever been around a place that’s recently been flooded, I think you know what I mean.  Yuck.  It smells like “The Swamp Thing” is just around the corner.

Fortunately, many things seem to have survived the flooding.  Including, of course, the crabgrass and thistles. The onions seem particularly perky after getting all of that rain in a week.  I guess I can be a bit more generous with their irrigation once the field dries out again.  The sweet potatoes were planted in a long mound (think giant molehill) and they barely got wet feet.  They are loving the heat & I expect great things from them.  The regular potatoes look good also.  The started-from-true-seed potatoes were probably killed by the flooding, as they were still quite small, but I haven’t been able to see for sure.

Today might be the day where it actually gets dry enough for me to walk out in the field again.  I tried yesterday, but had to turn around before I started losing shoes in the mud.

We’ll have most of the same things at the market this weekend that we had last weekend.

Our cherries are getting ripe.  I’ve never had a cherry tree before and it’s very pretty.  Another bonus item on the property is black rasperries.  With the amount of rain we’ve had, there should be a great crop.  The same fencerows that are full of raspberries are also full of poison ivy, so we’ll just have to be careful at harvest time.  The black raspberries are just starting to form- I think they still have another 3-4 weeks before ripening.

I’m really glad our garlic was planted in a different county.  We are going to have to find the highest spot on the property to plant in it the fall!

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