The good, the bad, the happy, the sad

Flooding results!

The good:  Onions.  Sweet potatoes.  Corn.  Pumpkins.  And of course the garlic is good, since it’s growing in another county.

The bad: Peas.  Radishes.  Lettuce.  Herbs. Green beans.

The happy:  Things that took up an entire row generally had some survivors on the ends of the rows.  Things that hadn’t germinated yet had their best chance ever to do so.  And in the worst spots of the flood, even the weeds died!

The sad:  There’s no way to replant peas this late.  And I do SO love peas.  And the weeds are way, way, way ahead of us now since we were unable to even walk in the field for a week.

Everything else is somewhere in the middle, since as I said above, most things had some survivors at the ends of the rows.  We’re in the midst of cherry harvest and so spare time to weed is unfortunately limited.  Perhaps in the next few days I will catch up with the cherry tree & then be able to do some replanting & weeding.  The current forecast predicts no more rain until at least Friday– HALLELUJAH!

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