Berry Good News

Berries are saving us right now!

With the delay in our crops due to the weather, it’s been wonderful to have tasty, saleable fruit growing in all the fencerows & back in the woods.  I tried my hardest to get poison ivy on my hands today, picking the first of the blackberries.  The last 10 days or so, we’ve been braving lots of adverse wildlife (mosquitoes) and vegetation (the aforementioned poison ivy, plus tons of other, non-fruiting brambles) to bring in some tasty black raspberries.

It looks like we have 2 different varieties of blackberries, one of which is ripening now, one of which is much more twiggy & upright & is nowhere near ripe yet.  I have to admit that when they are dead ripe and still warm from the sun, I like them a lot more than I thought.

One thought on “Berry Good News

  1. Joanna says:

    We have black raspberries ripening, too- every time I take the dog out, I go swipe one warm from the bush. Delicious! I’m glad you’re able to get enough to sell.

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