Happy 2009

Well, it’s now 2009.  Since I last posted, we have:

1. Planted the lily bulbs

2. Removed half of the deck on the back of the house

3. Cut down the largest pussy willow bush I had ever seen, also in the back of the house

4. Received the giant cold frame.  It’s still in the box.

5. Insulated the chicken house for the winter

6. Completed three seed orders

7. Worked with someone on getting a cooler.  Still working on it.

8. Got a few more CSA members, thanks to localharvest.org.  Yay for free advertising!

A lot of other things have gotten done too, but those are some of the highlights.  I doubt you want to know the details of the organic paperwork that I’ve been working on.  The thing I’m most skeptical about actually getting done this winter is fixing the fences- it’s a huge, intimidating job.

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