2010 / 2011 Beef Price List

This is grass fed & finished beef- no grain supplements, no antibiotics or hormones, no artificial anything.  14-day dry aged.

Steaks are cut very thick (over an inch) and are usually packaged one steak per package, except for cubed steaks, which are very small & thin & are in a package of 4.

Item            Cost per lb
Fillets            24.00 (avg 1/3 lb)
Ribeye steak        14.00
NY strip steak    13.00
Rib steak        13.00
T-bone steak        14.00
Sirloin steak        9.00
Summer sausage    9.00
Flank steak        8.00
Sirloin tip roast    5.60
Arm roast        5.25
Rump roast        5.50
Chuck roast        5.50
Round steak        5.30

Swiss steak        5.30
Cubed steak        5.60
Ground beef        6.00
Brisket        4.00
Short ribs        4.00
Porterhouse Steak    14.00
Organ meat        3.00
Stew meat        3.50

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