CSA Work Day #1

4 friends, new & old, came out & braved cold, drizzling conditions to help out with putting up our hoophouse.  They stood in puddles, lost shoes in the mud, and even brought side dishes.  They made a lot more space in the pole barn, sorted out all the parts, put together all the hoops, and have the posts driven.  Once it dries out a little, we’ll get the hoops up & take some pictures!

We are so grateful that folks who, in some cases, have just met us are willing to take time out of their weekends to help us in our effort to build a sustainable family farm.  Perhaps it’s our farm name, but many of our members seem to be employed in technical fields or be engineers.  It’s doubly amazing to me that many “desk job” sorts of persons will come out and spend a day covered in mud to help us out.

We’ll be using this hoophouse, assuming it makes it up in a timely fashion, to grow early tomatoes for the CSA & market.  I hope to get a few cucumbers going in there also, and possibly early greens.

Long term, we have the pieces for 1 more hoophouse that’s twice as long, or 2 that are the same size.  We’d like to use one to grow & start produce, and use the other for overwintering chickens, probably alternating between the two as needed to maintain soil fertility.

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