News from the farm – 2010-06-10

Pea Picking this weekend!
Egg news
CSA Pickups

Pea Picking Time!

The peas are popping! Please join us on Sunday, June 13th, any time between 1:30 and 4:30, for a farm open house and u-pick peas. Bring your kids out into the field, pick a few peas, and meet the chickens and cows. We estimate about 1 quart of peas per family. CSA members get them free, 3$ a quart for everyone else. Next year I’ll plant more so that everyone can pick as many lbs as they want! Directions to the farm are posted on our website:

Egg news

We’re getting asked at the Carmel market, “Where are the eggs?” Answer: “In the fencerows, being eaten by foxes.” We moved the chickens into a new house a few weeks ago, and the foxes moved in about the same time. We haven’t lost any hens yet, but I suspect the increase in egg-hiding behavior has something to do with the presence of these predators! There’s a mother fox with 3 youngsters- maybe if I can find a rotating live trap I can relocate them??

CSA Pickups

CSA pickups start Monday! Pickup details are on our web site:

Briefly, the Monday pickup is at Dillon Park in Noblesville, Saturday is at the Carmel Market, and on-farm or other pickups are Tuesday or Saturday afternoon. My cell phone number is 317 – 362 – 6512. Please program it into your phone now in case you can’t find me on pickup day!

We’re sending fewer items to the Carmel & Traders Point Markets this weekend, in preparation for the start of the CSA:

Garlic scapes
Lettuce Mix
Snow, snap, and/ or garden peas
Kale, Chard

CSA members may also see:
Tart cherries
Purple broccoli
Zucchini, maybe

In the next few weeks:

Green broccoli
Yellow squash
Baby onions
Asian seedless cucumbers

Tomatoes don’t seem too terribly far away either.. we spent yesterday sweating in the greenhouse, tieing up plants & weeding. The greenhouse tomatoes are 4 feet plus tall, and loaded with green fruit.

See you soon!

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