News from the farm – 2010-06-17

In this edition:

Farming Engineers Swamp
CSA news, CSA Work Day
This week’s markets

Hi everyone,

We got about 3 inches of rain early this week. We had some standing water in between the rows and will lose a few things from all the rain, but it appears they’ll all be things that have short growing times & can be replanted. Once again I’m glad we plant in raised mounds, and am reminded to keep saving up for a raised-bed maker.

CSA members, we hope you enjoyed your slightly larger-than-usual shares for our first week. Week 2 shares will probably be closer to normal size, with 6 – 7 items instead of 8 – 9.

Our next CSA work day is Saturday, June 26th from 2 to 5 PM. We’ll be weeding, and weeding, and weeding. Bring any kind of hoe you may own. If you don’t own a hoe, you can use one of ours, or help out with the hand weeding.

This week at Trader’s Point and Carmel markets, we should have more or less the following items:

Lettuce- we had heads last week, might be smaller salad mix this week again
Cilantro galore
Basil, if it made it through the rain
Red beets
Snow peas
Chard and/ or Kale
Baby onions and new potatoes are remotely possible.

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