News from the farm – 2010-06-24

Swamp Part 2- Bad & Ugly, with some good news too
CSA Work Day info
This weekend’s markets

Hi friends,

We had almost another 4 inches of rain during Monday’s storms. The quarter inch we added last night didn’t make a noticeable difference in the water levels around the farm. This brings our rain total for the last 2 weeks up to about 8 inches.

The bad: We’ve lost some more of our crops, but won’t be able to determine the full extent of the situation until it’s dried up a bit more. For now, it appears we’ll be able to continue the season normally, but we will have less produce to bring to the markets than we had originally planned. When it’s this wet, cultivation is impossible, and the weed pressure means our yields will be lower. Your CSA boxes will have less variety than you’ve gotten for the first week or two, and will be on the small side for the next couple of weeks.

The good: Everything in the hoophouse looks great. It’s functioned pretty well as a rain exclusion device, but we haven’t had to do any watering in there lately because of the abundant subsurface moisture! The cucumber vines are pumping out some nice Asian seedless cucumbers, and we’re getting small handfuls of cherry tomatoes every few days. I spent some quality time in there this morning staking the vines and hanging twine from the rafters to support the wonderful loads of fruit that are being produced.

Also good: The new cow pasture, planted this spring, is going to be ready to grazed for the first time once the water goes down & we’re able to put up some fencing. We’re starting more short-season items in the greenhouse (beets, greens, lettuce, herbs, summer squash, beans in pots) so that once the ground dries up, we’ll be ready to replant ASAP.

The ugly: Our cows & chickens have been spending more time than we’d like in standing water. This means mud-covered eggs, mosquitoes, and flies. It’s hot and buggy out. We’re wearing knee-high rubber boots and getting very, very dirty!

CSA Work Day

Due to the mud, we’re going to postpone Saturday’s CSA work day. Please plan on next Saturday, July 3rd, if you’ll be in town. If you’d like to come out on a different day, we welcome any and all help- just contact us to find out whether it’s dry enough yet!

At Trader’s Point and/or Carmel this weekend:

Asian seedless cucumbers
Green onions
Squash of various types
Basil, cilantro
Slight possibility of new potatoes

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