News from the farm – 2010-07-01

Hi all,

The weather is improving, the farm is drying back up, and we’re digging garlic!

As many of you know, we grow a lot of garlic- we planted about 35 lbs of it in the fall, and are hoping to dig up over 100. This hardneck garlic is far more delicious than anything you’ll find in the store. This year we grew Russian Red, Killarney Red, Romanian Red, Music, German Extra Hardy, Phillips, and Lorz Italian (the lone softneck).

I’m bringing our first few pounds of ripe greenhouse tomatoes to the Trader’s Point market on Friday night. At both markets, we’ll have garlic. The next few weeks will be garlic galore.

CSA Work Share members- come out on Saturday, 2 – 5 PM. Dig garlic, pull weeds, or get destructive with pea fence.

I’m making a pilgrimage to Prelock Blueberry Farm on Monday, and you’ll see lots of great no-spray blueberries in your CSA shares. We hope to also have some next weekend at the Carmel market.

In your CSA boxes this week will be some, but probably not all, of the following:

Red Potatoes
Green, yellow, & purple beans
Green onions

Markets: Garlic, garlic, garlic!

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