News from the farm – 2010-07-08

Hello everyone,

Dry weather has been welcome this week. We have been back out in the field harvesting garlic, potatoes, squash, snap beans, onions, & cucumbers. Cabbage is almost ready. All of the heat-loving crops such as tomatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers, melons, & okra look great. So do the weeds..

Hard to believe it, but we’ll be seeding fall crops starting next week. Lettuce, broccoli, cabbages, beets, daikon & watermelon radishes, kale, and the eternally frustrating carrots are among the items planned for fall. All the brassica crops (cabbage, broccoli, kale, mustard, collards) are much more delicious when they mature in cool weather, and become sweet when hit by frost. We might even experiment with fall spinach in the hoophouse.

We took a trip to Prelock Blueberry Farm this week and picked lots of tasty, no-spray blueberries. Come out to the Carmel market on Saturday & pick some up, we’ve sure been enjoying them. This blueberry farm is 31 miles from our farm- about as local as you can get for blueberries!

Trader’s Point Market:

Greenhouse tomatoes

Carmel Market:

Maybe flowers, maybe not.


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