Clue, barn cat edition

The Victim

Young Master (or Miss) Fox recently moved to the neighborhood, and didn’t know his way around town. He ended up in a bad part of town* (for foxes) and…. well, now he’s six feet under.

* – not actually near any town.

The Crime Scene

The victim was found in the old red barn. The crime may have been committed in the barn, but it could have occurred near the fox’s home, in the ditch by the road.

The Suspects

Stripey: a young adult female cat. Normally very passive. A loner, she doesn’t like to eat with the other cats. Though she is missing eight teeth, she does have all of her razor sharp claws.

Pudgy: a middle-aged female cat. Very belligerent, she picks fights with other cats on a regular basis, especially when food is in sight. She is also equipped with razor sharp claws.

OC (full name “Orange Cat”): a neutered male with orange and white fur. Usually stays pent up in the barn. Still has razor sharp claws.

BBK (full name redacted): a neutered male with black fur. Though his meow is unintimidating, hunting transforms him into a ferocious predator. His black fur may indicate his stealthy habits. He is also equipped with razor sharp claws.

Boots: an unaltered male cat. Despite his natural condition, he is very tame. He was not originally included in the suspect list, until he was observed in the environs of the late Young Master Fox’s abode. He, also, is equipped with razor sharp claws.

Naturally, none of the suspects have responded to questioning.

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