News from the farm – 2010-08-05

Hi friends,

Things are a little crazy around here- August and it’s just me & my three-year-old most days. We’re still looking for any kind of help, full time, part time, or even one time. Thank you so much to all of you who have come out & worked on the farm this season- it really makes a difference. Extra hands are needed now through mid to late October.

Today I’ll be doing some tractor mowing, getting the fall planting area ready. The next several days look dry, finally. We already have radishes, lettuce, beets, & carrots in the ground. The broccoli, cabbage, beet, turnip & radish transplants remaining are about ready to be transplanted, and the kale is more than ready. I’ll also be direct seeding more lettuce & salad greens. Once the hoophouse tomatoes expire, we’re thinking winter spinach… yum.

Mark your calendars: October 16th is going to be Garlic Planting day on the farm. We’ll be planting lots of garlic! Pitch in dinner, we’ll provide meat and a vegan entree. Rain date or mud date is October 23rd, the following Saturday.

This week at Trader’s Point & Carmel:

Tomatoes – field tomatoes are just starting to come in
Cucumbers, probably last week of them
A little bit of: red & green okra, wax beans, long beans, husk cherries and / or tomatillos

In your CSA boxes on Monday:

Eggplant (from Magnolia Mill farm)
One of the following: Lettuce, cucumbers, okra, wax beans, long beans, husk cherry, tomatillos, peppers

Coming soon: Peppers, celery, basil galore.

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