News from the farm – 2010-08-20

Well, a few days of cool weather were nice- back to the heat for a while.

In the field this week, fall planting continued. The first row of carrots actually looks good- they are up, they got weeded, and all is well so far. The first round of fall beets is hopefully just a couple of weeks away. We have more lettuce transplants ready to go in when we get a day that’s cool enough. CSA members have already enjoyed 2 cuttings off of our first fall lettuce planting, and we’re hoping for at least one more.

Our field tomatoes have had a pretty tough year. Between 12 inches of rain in June, followed by a weed explosion, followed by a pestilential onslaught of blister beetles, they have struggled. We’ll probably stop bringing tomatoes to market in another week or two. I have some fall tomatoes planted, and they look quite happy and have been enjoying the heat, but it’s unclear whether they will produce before frost. The hoophouse tomatoes have had a great year, but are also winding down for the season. I haven’t decided how long to leave them in before making way for fall spinach..

Pullets are laying eggs! Just a few a day so far, but they’ll be cranking ’em out for market & fall egg shares soon. We’ll have fall egg share info available as soon as we have enough eggs to bring to market again.

TPC market:

Heirloom tomatoes
Husk cherries

Carmel market:

Husk cherries
Raspberries from Spencer Farm

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