News from the farm – 2010-09-16

Hi friends,

Beef alert!
CSA news
Egg share update
Open house reminder
This weekend’s markets

Beef alert!

Our grass fed beef are going to the processor on October 11th. Now’s the time to reserve your quarter or half. Cost is .90 per lb live weight, plus processing. This should work out to about $4.00 per lb of packaged meat. We have had these calves on our farm for about 16 months and during that time they have been given no artificial anything- just grass, grass hay, and a mineral block.

If you would like a quarter or half reserved, please email us ASAP. We will need a 50$ deposit for 1/4 beef or a $100 deposit for a half. No deposit is required of CSA members. The processor will talk to you individually about your preferences for cuts.

Any questions or for more information, please call me at 317 – 362- 6512 or send an email and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible. Thanks!

CSA news & Egg share update

We have 2 more weeks left in our summer vegetable CSA. Thank you to all who have participated. Watch your email inbox for a survey. In your Week 15 box, you’ll get information on next year’s CSA and on winter egg delivery. Speaking of:

Egg Share News

A few points of interest for potential egg folks: Free delivery to the 106th/ Lakeshore drive area. Free delivery in Sheridan. Free delivery in a few other places we frequent- ask, and you may receive. Summer CSA members- if some of you want to get together, I can do a winter egg drop in the same place as the summer CSA drop. If the delivery fee is keeping you from signing up, let us know & we can try to match up egg customers. Or, recruit friends, neighbors, and/or co-workers for the volume discount & to split up the delivery cost.

If you come to the farm to pick up your eggs, they are $4.00 per dozen. Even if this is your intention, it may benefit you to sign up for an egg share, in order to ensure that eggs are reserved for you as you need them!

Open House Reminder

October 16th is our scheduled day for garlic planting & farm open house. We’ll post directions soon on our web site- We’ll provide main dishes, bring a dish to pass. You’ll get to see the garden being put to bed for the winter, the chickens being readied for winter quarters, and can help plant garlic, if you like.

This weekend:

Long beans
Slight possibility of lettuce, radishes, and/ or chard
Sweet potatoes?
Eggs (Carmel only)

Lisa Burke
Farming Engineers LLC

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