News from the farm – 2010-09-23

Hi everyone,

We have had a lot of questions about the beef, and so I have put up this page on our site with more details. Hopefully it will help. I’ll bring printouts to the markets this weekend.

We’re going into the last week of the CSA.. hard to believe! Members, you’ll be getting an email survey soon.

We got half an inch of rain yesterday. I’m so happy! Hope we continue to get rain.

This weekend:

Sweet potatoes
Long beans
Husk Cherry
Eggs, Carmel only
Egg, CSA, and beef information

Next week, after the CSA is over, you’ll start seeing some other things at markets- watermelon radishes, carrots, salad turnips, fall greens, etc. I am hoping to get carrots in the CSA boxes during week 16, but am not sure if they’re big enough. The Carmel market continues through the first Saturday of October, and the Trader’s Point market is still on Friday evenings through the end of October.

See you soon,

Matt & Lisa

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