News from the farm – 2010-10-07

Happy Thursday!

Friday night at Trader’s Point Green Market, 4 – 8 PM:

Watermelon & Daikon radishes
A bit of purple, wax, & long beans, and okra
Last of the Zinnias

Home egg deliveries are starting on Monday, October 11th. I’ll email the affected folks separately with times & details. Thanks to those of you who have signed up already & passed on the info to friends, etc. We almost always have eggs available out at the farm for those of you willing & able to make the trip, just call to be sure we’re here.

Farm open house is next Saturday, October 16th. Hope to see lots of you out here. The flyer, with directions, is now posted on our site. And remember, it takes very little convincing to get Matt to crack out the accordion.

Winter Markets:

We are still solidifying plans for winter markets. Our presence depends on many things.. whether we end up with retail beef cuts left over to sell, how many eggs we are dealing with over the winter, how the winter greens growing goes, and how much of a break we feel the need to take from being at markets every weekend of our lives. We have been invited to be at the Trader’s Point Saturday Winter markets as we have product available, so that’s currently our plan. We’ll keep you posted via this newsletter with when we’ll be there, what we’ll have, and any further forays we make into the realm of baked goods.

Next Year & Beyond:

Over the long term, it’s our goal to have meat, eggs, winter greens, and storable vegetables (particularly garlic) available all year. We’re looking to grow at a rate that is sustainable both for us and our energy levels while providing great stuff for our new & old friends in the Indianapolis/ Noblesville/Carmel/Zionsville/Sheridan area. In the next week or two, as this year’s CSA survey results continue to come in, I’ll compile the results & put together some information in a blog post so you can see some data about what our farm has done this season, and more about what we’ll be doing next year.

See you soon,

Matt & Lisa

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