News from the farm – 2010-10-14

It’s going to be a beautiful day for our open house on Saturday. I hope many of you can come out & join us. Walk all around our 40 acres (we’ll have both guided and self-guided tours), meet the hens, roosters, cats, and dog, have a bite to eat, see what’s still in the field and what’s getting started in the greenhouse, and be as nosy as you want to be about what we grow and how we grow it. We have a ton of flat, open space for flying kites, so bring kites to fly!

It’s still a little warmer than I like for garlic planting, and we don’t have all the field prep done yet. Hands-on types may wish to bring pruners, loppers, and gloves for some fence row clearing. There is no obligation whatsoever to do work at our open house- it’s just something to do if you want to help out while you are here.

We have one more side of beef, or 2 quarters, left. So you can still get one. I’ve rambled about the benefits of grass finished beef, and why we raise our livestock on grass, on our web site:

Friday night at Trader’s Point Creamery:

Watermelon & Daikon Radishes
Purple & Wax beans
Baby mizuna & lettuce?

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