News from the farm – 2010-11-04

Hi Everyone!

I can hardly believe it’s three weeks until Thanksgiving, and we’re still growing greens!

This weekend, the Trader’s Point Creamery Green Market switches from Friday nights to Saturday mornings. So, come see us on Saturday morning from 9 AM until noon. To soften the pain of having to get out of bed in the cold, we’ll have homemade chocolate-oatmeal bars and Matt’s famous iced cinnamon rolls for sale to eat with your morning coffee.

At our market table:

Lettuce mix
Greens mix (arugula, mizuna, kale, tatsoi, purple mustard)
Watermelon radishes
Some possibility of carrots- have to get in the field and see what the frost has been doing.
Cinnamon rolls, made with organic ingredients
Chocolate-oatmeal bars, made with organic ingredients
Eggs & Grass-fed beef cuts, I think…
Egg delivery & 2011 CSA flyers

We certainly HAVE the eggs, and the beef.. it’s just a matter of whether the market is or is not allowing us to sell those items this week.

We currently plan to be at the Trader’s Point winter market weekly throughout November and December, and will most likely attend more sporadically during January, February, and March. By April, we’ll be winding back up for spring again.

See you soon,

Lisa & Matt

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