2011 Farm Plans

Some of the changes we’re making in our operation this year are in our equipment- upgraded cultivators, ways to improve drainage & handle wet conditions, and a transplanter that can be operated by one person.  Some of the changes are infrastructure- tripling our hoophouse space and setting up a permanent chicken brooder area.  What changes will you, our customers, notice?

– More produce.  Our offerings at both summer markets should be substantially greater this year.  Since our market tables are always second to your CSA boxes, this means your CSA boxes will be the best they’ve ever been. 🙂

– Improved product availability & consistency.  Leafy greens and beets should be available in much larger amounts and for a longer portion of the growing season.  Summer squash, cucumbers, zucchini, & peppers will join tomatoes in being produced over a longer season.

– New things. I can never resist trying a few new things.  In the past, you’ve met husk cherries, vegetable gourds, long beans, and purple beans.  This year, you may meet celeriac, fennel, edamame, parsnips, or lima beans. And, of course, there will be a few new varieties of tomatoes- Black cherry, yellow pear, and some corrugated striped monsters.

– A little bit of beef.  We have our 100% grass finished beef for sale from now until we run out of it at the Carmel market this summer.  It’s very lean, with a fat content similar to elk or bison, has a healthy fatty acid profile, and just plain tastes good.  If you’re someone who usually cuts the fat off the edge of your steak because the flavor bothers you, you’ll notice a big difference in grass finished meat… there’s a lot less of that fat to cut off, and it tastes amazing!

– More eggs. While we still may not have eggs at the market every week of the summer, we have more hens & they’re laying better.  As far as I know, we’re the only vendors at Carmel with organically-fed hens.

– Chicken for sale! It’s our goal to have broiler chickens available starting in June.  Unfortunately, a fire recently occurred at This Old Farm Meats & Processing, where we were planning to have our chickens processed, so we are uncertain if they will be back up & running by then.  We will be looking into other options in the mean time.


One thought on “2011 Farm Plans

  1. Shelly says:

    I hope the Husk Cherries make a comeback this year! 🙂 They are SOOOO delicious! (My co-workers couldn’t figure out what the heck I was eating!!! 😉 )

    Miss you all!

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