Tractor repair

Yesterday, the tractor quit running while Mrs. B. was working up the garden, and it wouldn’t restart. It’s done this before on hot days when the coolant was low, so we assumed that was the problem.

Today, she tried to start it, but the key wouldn’t turn and the starter wouldn’t go.

After getting some advice from Mrs. B.’s dad and the internet, I set out to investigate. There were two problems: (1) the battery terminals were dirty, and (2) the ignition wires were fried.

The simple solution was to bypass the switch, which would have solved the “on” part of the on/off switch. The tractor had a couple “spare” switches (at one time, they controlled the headlights), but neither of them worked. So, I grabbed the first switch I found, similar to this one in our house:

And now we’re back in business.

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