August Abundance

As usual, once summer abundance sets in, it’s difficult to find time to blog.

We just put our final batch of broilers out on pasture, and received our last shipment of baby chicks for the season- 50 golden comets.  We’ve not had this breed before, but they are supposed to be tame and excellent layers.

golden comet chicks

First meal after 2 days in the mail

The tomato abundance is keeping us very busy.  These pictures are of less than one day’s harvest.  Our biggest one day harvest so far was around 250 lb.


tomato zoom

heirloom cherry tomatoes

I am busily working on the CSA application for next year and should have it ready by the weekend.  One of these tomato pictures might even be included.

Our next abundant harvest item?  Winter squash.  We have a lot of Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck butternut squash out in the field- they are sizing up to enormous proportions and look delicious.  The seed is from Nature’s Crossroads, right here in Indiana.  We’re growing several of their products this season but this squash might be my favorite.

We’ve applied for a grant for some fencing on our farm.  They are accepting applications through October 31st.  I don’t know if more page views benefit us or not, but have a look at our story.  I was limited to less than 500 words, so it’s shorter than my blog posts!

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