CSA news

This is the last week of the summer CSA.  We’ve got the application up for the 2012 CSA, you can take a look.  Print out your own or pick up a full color, glossy version at one of our markets.  We’ll accept applications from now until we’re full.

Our last batch of broilers were processed this morning and they looked great.  We’ve got the largest birds we’ve raised all year.  If you eat meat, a pasture raised, organically fed chicken is an amazing gift to yourself.

We think they’re an amazing gift to our land, too.  By moving the broiler housing across the pasture, the grass gets mowed and we’re getting a very rich organic fertilizer into the soil, complete with a balanced array of micronutrients.  Cover crops alone can replenish depleted soil, but cover crops and livestock together do it a lot faster.






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