January in the greenhouse, again!

Let’s see.. last January, we had one greenhouse.

Now there are two.  Let’s take a look inside the big one.

Looks promising.  What’s growing in here?

Tatsoi.  Beautiful tatsoi.  More people need to know about this delicious spinach alternative.

Lettuce & green onions.  The lettuce maybe has another cutting in it, since we’re having this warm, sunny spell.

For really early spring, there is a bed of radishes & carrots.  The radishes are only a couple weeks away.. the carrots probably won’t be ready until March or April.  The southernmost bed, not pictured, has red mustard, kale, arugula, and spinach.


The small greenhouse looks nice too.

Baby kale, anyone? The other beds contain mizuna, arugula, and yukina savoy.  Another grower told me I should try yukina savoy, and I do like it a lot.

All the rows are uncovered today because it’s 55 F outside, and the forecast is for fairly warm nights this week.  When it gets below 20 F at night again, I’ll cover the beds back up with the white row cover.



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