The rental portion of our farm was seeded for hay about a month ago.  It’s finally rained enough to see some green out there.  We’re looking forward to watching oats grow (this spring) and seeing the alfalfa mature.  Year-round green is a beautiful thing.

Broiler chicks are just over 2 weeks old.  We plan to get them out on grass next weekend, if the weather cooperates.  They are growing feathers, eating like mad, and are already the size of 6 – 8 week old layers.  We’ll be taking them to the processor around the beginning of June.

The early greenhouse tomatoes are just starting to bloom.  I don’t believe we’ll have tomatoes by May 19th, when our Saturday market resumes, but things are looking promising for early June.  

Our laying hens are finally out of the garden perimeter and into the “real” pasture.  They wiped out the early kale and tore up some garlic in the mean time.  Occasionally a hen wanders into the greenhouse (about 3 acres from where she belongs!) and I do my best to discourage her with the watering hose..


2 thoughts on “Hay!

  1. naomiajones says:

    Would you mind posting a picture of a CSA box you’ve done. I’ve considered joining in, but we are on a very tight budget so I wanted to get an idea if this would be enough veggies for us.

  2. burkefarm says:

    Great idea, Naomi. Our regular CSA shares likely wouldn’t replace 100% of the vegetable needs for a family. The share size also varies quite a bit throughout the season. If I took a picture every week it would be worth 1000 words, as they say. This is the first week of the spring share, I will try to remember to take a picture when I pack the boxes. In the mean time I do have a picture of a mid-July share somewhere and I’ll see if I can find it.

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