June Fun

We’ve been busy as always this spring.  The strawberries, planted in 2012, are having their “money year.”  We’ve picked (and eaten) lots!  Over 90 quarts last week.


The broilers are out on the pasture and on the move.  They’ll be processed on July 11th.


The new greenhouse is up.  The two largest greenhouses are full of tomato plants, many of which are almost as tall as I am.  A few tomatoes are starting to change color.


We started the staking process for the field tomatoes (which are still tiny) today.  I requested a GAP audit (required by our customer) yesterday, so that will also be happening soon to be sure we have the food safety system properly in place.

The not as great- the early squash plantings look terrible.   Some were planted too early, others were devoured by flea beetles and the striped cucumber beetle.  The fate of the winter squash still remains to be seen- it just germinated and is in a different field from the early stuff.  After the rain, due to start tonight, we’ll decide whether it’s time to break out one of our OMRI-listed, organically approved sprays for the problem.

Kale and chard, planted in the greenhouse along with the tomatoes, have been harvested a few times already.  Our second lettuce planting is just kicking into gear.  We’re very busy picking strawberries, keeping weeds at bay, and preparing for fall plantings (which start around July 4th!)





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