Beef Details

How is your beef raised?

We’ve had our calves for about 18 months.  They have been fed grass, hay, and a salt/mineral lick.  We rotationally graze when the grass is growing fast.  We used apples to tame them- they were rather wild at first.  We believe that tame cows who are used to human contact live their lives with less stress.

How much meat will I take home from 1/2 beef?  Or 1/4?

This varies with the size of the animal, but on average, 1/4 is 100 lb and 1/2 is 200 lb.

How much freezer space is needed?

3.5 cubic feet for 1/4 beef,  7 for 1/2.  Some people get by with two refrigerator freezers for 1/4 beef, but a chest freezer is better (and keeps it colder).  For 1/2 beef, you definitely need a chest freezer.

Who is the processor?

We’re using This Old Farm Meats & Processing, in Colfax, IN.  They specialize in grass fed & organic processing, have an experienced meat cutter, and are all-around great people.  They offer several options for picking up your finished meat, including the Trader’s Point Green Market on Friday nights at Trader’s Point Creamery.

Why do you charge by live weight, instead of by the # of cut & wrapped meat?

This has to do with the legalities of selling meat.  Basically, we’re selling you the live cow, and you’re paying the processor for the rest.

Will you sell cuts of meat individually?

We haven’t decided for sure yet.  If we sell all our beef this year as quarter or half beef, then no.  Otherwise, we might get the proper licensing to sell individual cuts.

How does the pricing work?

Our aim is for your cut, wrapped meat to cost $4.00 or less per lb.  Here’s how we have estimated this to work out for a 1000-lb, live weight cow.

For 1/2 beef:

Live weight: 1000 lb * 1/2 beef = 500 lb.
You pay us:  .90 per lb live weight = $450
Hanging weight of whole beef (after hide & innards are removed, before aging) : 600 lb for whole beef.  So 300 lb for 1/2 beef.
You pay processor: .45 per lb hanging weight, portion of slaughter fee, plus possibly extra for patties, cubing, or other special cutting instructions.
Processing cost: .45 per lb * 300 lb + slaughter fee  = 175$
Actual yield of cut meat after aging = 60% of hanging weight = .6 * 300 lb = 180 lb

You get 180 lbs of meat
You paid 450 to us and 175 to processor:  625$
Cost per lb = About $3.50 per lb

Note that this is an estimate only- the live weight of our beef may vary from 800 lb up to 1400 # or so, and the yield of cut meat after aging also varies.  Also, you can pay extra processing fees and have jerky, brats, etc. made if you wish.  But this gives you a ballpark idea of what to expect.

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