Vegetable Box Your Way

After offering a traditional CSA for several years in the past, we knew it was time for a change.

The most important feedback we received over the years was that you wanted to choose what came in your vegetable box.  So we’re doing that! Order what you want each week and you can pick up on the farm or at other designated locations.

  1. Where is your farm?
    15 minutes from Sheridan and Kirklin.  25 minutes from Frankfort or Tipton.  35 minutes from Noblesville or Carmel.  Email us or send a facebook message for the exact location.
  2. Why would I want to come to the farm?
    To see how we grow things and have a chance to talk to us and other people who love local food. To get a better deal on your organic produce.  To enjoy a relaxing country drive once a week.  To get items that we don’t sell at the farmers market.  So that you don’t have to get up early on Saturday.
  3. What vegetables do you grow?  How long is the season for each?
    We grow 30 – 40 different vegetables.  Here’s a list of what we have and when.  As you can see, we usually have something available year round, but prime season for us is June through January or February.
  4. Is there any fruit?
    We currently grow strawberries, some red raspberries, melons, and ground cherries.  Some years they are great, other years they aren’t.  We are not primarily a fruit farm, so fruit is an occasional treat rather than a staple in our vegetable boxes.
  5. Can you deliver my basket?
    We offer delivery in Frankfort and Sheridan.  Call or email for more information.  For an additional charge, you can order some of our produce (and lots of other cool things) on  They offer home delivery and a much larger delivery area.
  6. Are there other pickup options?  Can I pick up my basket at the farmer’s markets?  
    Produce you buy directly from us off the farm is slightly discounted because we don’t have to load it up and take it to market.  We don’t offer box pickup at farmers markets but we love having you shop with us there!
  7. What do you do with your surplus produce?
    We can, freeze, dehydrate, compost, and feed the poultry.  We also donate to a couple of local food organizations.


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