What’s Growing in 2017

Here are estimated items and dates based on our planting schedule.  As always, things can vary due to weather!  Not on this list, but still probably available at some point: red raspberries, ground cherries.

Artichoke August   – September
Asparagus mid April – mid May
Basil, Parsley July – October
Beans, snap, rainbow July – October
Beets, assorted colors July – December
Broccoli June and October
Kohlrabi May, June, Oct – Dec
Brussels Sprouts November through Jan.
Cabbage June – July, Sept – Jan
Chinese Cabbage Oct – Dec
Carrots, orange June – July, Sept – Feb
Carrots, multicolored Sept – Feb
Cauliflower October – Dec
Celeriac October – Dec
Chard July – October
Sweet Corn July only
Cucumbers July – September
Eadamame soybean Late August – Early Sep
Eggplant August – September
Fennel July – November
Kale June – January
Strawberries June
Lettuce Mix May – early June, Sept – March
Lettuce Heads Early June, Nov – Dec
Melons September
Mustard Greens, spinach Sept – March
Okra August – October
Peas June
Peppers August – October
Radishes May/June, Sept – Feb
Summer Squash July – October
Sweet Potato October – November
Tomato July – October
Turnip September – December
Winter Squash September – March
Pumpkin September – March
Onions Green: June – July

Bulb: August – March

Garlic July – Feb
Potatoes August – Jan