Spring progress

Good things are happening inside the seed starting house.

Also, we got a lot done on the hoophouse yesterday. My parents came down from Michigan and helped with this.

Today we also put up the hip boards and u-channels, and have the plastic laid out on the ground to kill some grass.

Other projects: the cultivator is torn apart so it can be reset properly to work with our tractor.  I’ve been out in the field with the shovel and it’s just not quite dry enough to cultivate yet- and rain is coming today.  The two bits of field work we’re really eager to do right now are cultivating between the garlic rows, and planting potatoes.  The garlic looks great, we have a beautiful stand, but there’s some grass left over from last year’s pasture that really needs to be cultivated out of there.   I hoed by hand in the rows but the between-row space needs attention from the rototiller or tractor.

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