Change Is Inevitable!

We’re changing our CSA program for 2014.  Check out the CSA page for more information.

The other big change is we’re taking on wholesale sales.  The biggest change our farmer’s market customers will notice will probably be MORE TOMATOES, since our wholesale customer has a very specific size of tomato they prefer.  As long as it’s a reasonably good tomato summer, your opportunities to pick up a 25# box of tomatoes for a wholesale price should be quite abundant.

This change also means a third greenhouse is in the works.  For 2014, it will be planted with the bulk of our wholesale tomato crop.  It may house a fall wholesale project after that (I can grow a lot of bok choy in 3000 – 4500 square feet!)  or it may house our best winter market product selection ever for winter 2015.. who knows?

Here is a photo of our “new to us” greenhouse being taken apart.  We bought it used, moved it 50 miles, and now it’s sitting in our field, disassembled.  When weather permits we’ll stake out the corners and get started on putting it back together.


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