News from the farm – 2010-07-21

Newsletters or lack thereof
Field News
We’re Hiring!
Up & coming eggs & other fall things
Markets this weekend

Hi friends,

Apologies for no email news last week. We’re having rural internet issues.

We’ve been busy with fall planting & transplanting, weeding, and scouting for and finding insects. And did I mention harvesting? The hoophouse tomatoes are in full swing right now.

We have an immediate opening for a full-time person from now until mid-to-late October- either farm help, child care, or both. Experience in either area considered a bonus. Please pass the word on to your friends & acquaintances. Housing and meals are available as part of compensation.

We’ll be offering “egg shares” from October through February. Organically-fed, free range chickens, green & brown eggs, home delivery available. More details will be on our web site soon.

Did you know we’re on facebook now? You can “Like” the Farming Engineers. We’ll be putting more stuff on there soon, when our internet is working better.

At the markets this weekend:

Traders Point:

Asian seedless cucumbers


Maybe cucumbers
Blueberries, if we have a good day picking them.

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