News from the farm – 2010-07-29

Hi friends,

We have a running joke around here that every time I turn on the drip irrigation, it rains. Well, I did it again today. We have three quarters of an inch in the rain gage now, and who knows what will be in there tomorrow morning!

We’re working hard to get things ready for September & October, so that we can have more things on the tables at market than we do now. Special thanks to all of you who have come out to the farm & helped out so far this year- it really makes a difference, and we love to share the joys of rural living!

We are now completely without home internet, so please call if you need to preorder something, miss a CSA pickup. or otherwise need to talk to one of us. (317) 836-5061 rings both of our phones.

This weekend, our market tables will look a lot like last weekend, minus the blueberries:

Just a little garlic- we’re getting to the end of it
Possibly red potatoes or fingerlings- depends how many more come out of the mud tomorrow.

See you soon!

Matt & Lisa

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