A quiz

We upcycle egg cartons, so we see a variety of farms’ packaging, names, and claims about their practices.  And we know a few other local farmers who raise their own eggs with practices similar to ours.

A fun game:

…match these farm names/descriptions with their google maps picture.  Here are the farm names & descriptions.

1. Archer Farms (Target store brand):  Cage Free, Organic Eggs

2. Hillandale Farms : “Organic Eggs from Free Roaming Hens.  100% organic feed, no hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides.”

3. Naturally Preferred Eggs (Kroger store brand): Cage Free, Grain Fed

4. Redwine Family Farm: Free range, pastured, farm fresh eggs.  About 200 laying chickens.

5. Phelps Family Farm: Free range eggs.  About 1000 chickens.

6: Farming Engineers: Eggs from pastured chickens, fed certified organic grains. About 150 chickens.

Farm A:

Farm B:

Farm C:

Farm D:

Farm E:

Farm F:

Place your guesses in the comments.  I have a dozen free eggs for the local person with the most correct guesses, for pickup here or at one of our markets.

Need help?  The Cornucopia Institute has an interesting Organic Egg Scorecard.



3 thoughts on “A quiz

  1. burkefarm says:

    The aerial photo of our farm is from circa 2005. So there aren’t any greenhouses or other things added by us to help with the ID.. it’s the Farming Engineers Farm before there were any Farming Engineers here.

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